Lavender Toner

Lavender Toner


Lavender & Aloe Facial Toner

for acne and blemish prone skin

2.0 fl oz

This toner is a natural anti-inflammatory, is anti-bacterial and helps heal blemish scars and discoloration. It's the perfect way to help balance out the pH levels of your skin. FYI: It’s also great on razor burn & after a sweaty session of yoga or hitting the gym!

Directions: Spray 2-3 times all over face and neck on clean skin. Let dry for at least a minute before applying any facial oils or make up. Feel free to spritz yourself throughout the day to refresh and soothe your skin.

Ingredients: (all ingredients are 100% organic & vegan) Aloe Vera, Vitamin E Blend, Lavender Essential Oil, Chamomile Essential Oil, Rosemary Essential Oil, Bulgarian White Rose Water.

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