Where do you source materials from?

The majority of our ingredients and materials are sourced within the USA. We do research to make sure everything is ethically sourced and sustainable. Most of our herbs are home grown.

What is the shelf life of your skincare?

Since we use all-natural products and no preservatives, our typical shelf life is roughly 12-24 months. If you keep them at room temperature or below (the refrigerator is a great option especially for toners), and out of the sunlight, they will stay fresher for longer. If the rare case that your order isn’t at it’s freshest point, please email us at hello@freebirdorganics.com so we can handle your individual case. 

Where can I purchase products in my area?

Right now, we are 95% an online shop based in the USA. What you can look forward to, are pop up shops that will be set up in different stores, markets, expos, and craft fairs! As long as you follow us on social media and sign up on our site with your email address, you’ll get to find out exactly where we will be next!

How can I arrange to have FreeBird Organics set up at our event?

If you are interested in having us set up at your event, shoot us an email with detailed information about the event or market, and we’ll see if it’s a good fit!