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Meet Roxy Finamore, founder and creator of FreeBird Organics, LLC based out of her Jersey shore home where she currently resides.

Roxy is a highly motivated and self-made entrepreneur. She prides herself in empowering women to bring out their strengths and embrace their individuality through her products. Shortly after studying Fashion Marketing, she began her journey of starting her own company, and in result, FreeBird Organics was made. Not only does Roxy have passion for beauty and fashion, but she truly believes in living an organic and all-natural lifestyle. FreeBird Organics brings her experience to life.

FreeBird Organics is an eco-friendly lifestyle company bringing you access to sustainable, non-toxic products. We believe in using the power of nature to give you tangible results that not only feel good, but smell good too while loving our earth.

All of the clothing and accessories we sell are ethically sourced, made of raw and organic materials from mother nature herself. From bamboo and cotton to recycled fibers, you should know everything that’s put on our skin and bodies.

Speaking of our skin, every ingredient used in our skincare and apothecary products are all-natural and vegan. We never test on animals and never use fillers of any kind.

All of our products are handmade in small batches with love, care, and therapeutic purposes. Our ingredients include natural essential oils, minerals, clays, and herbs that are tested on us, people! Your daily skincare, bathing routines, and rituals should be relaxing and enjoyable. Think of it as a way to carve out some personal time during your hectic week.

You’re certainly going to look good, feel good, and smell great!

Founded by Roxy Finamore in 2013.


Love and sustainability


Synthetic ingredients and materials, plastic packaging, artificial colors/dyes, artificial scents, animal ingredients, animal testing, chemicals, petroleum, parabens, and mineral oils.

Thank you!